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People assume that a professional waxing treatment is extremely painful and traumatic. This perception Is influenced by bad quality products and therapists that lack the necessary training or specialist skills that are required to ensure a stress-free waxing experience for the client. We often wonder why other salons take 1 1/2 hours to complete a full leg wax, while at Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists a full male body wax is accomplished in the same amount of time.


Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists have developed smooth operations in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, where clients can do their own bookings on our live online diary. We have privately situated waxing studios with free allocated parking. Our clients are greeted by highly trained and friendly waxing specialists that are committed to make them feel comfortable and welcome as soon as they arrive. Our rooms are kept sparkling clean and all our equipment is well maintained.


Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists use only quality products for intimate areas. These products are  specifically formulated for delicate skin and used with a protective oil base to prevent damage or irritation. Male and female bodies are in very capable hands and every waxing concern is discussed in detail - from the “landscaping” a client prefers, to ingrown hair queries. Clients that are still a little bit worried or concerned, can book a free wax consultation to understand what a truly professional wax entails, and even try a test patch.


Our clients don't have to worry about painful drawn out waxing sessions, unhygienic rooms or being trapped on a bed with a poorly trained therapist that complains about her life. Come to a place where waxing is done like it should have been done from the inception of the beauty industry - stress-free with minimal pain and no damage to the skin. It is after all hair removal not skin removal. De-fluff professionally with us and you will swear by it, not at it.


Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists is a member of SAAHSP. We maintain extremely high standards in the field of hair removal. All staff are highly trained in de-fluff techniques, and are certified through a gruelling curriculum at Fast and Furious Waxing Academy. We train the public to become waxing specialists, and retrain beauty therapists in correct waxing techniques. Book now! Don't be shy - we are the real waxing professionals.

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Owner Adele Mans



Request our resin-free strip wax for sensitive backs, chests, legs, arms and buttocks.

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Male Waxing


Male Full Body Waxing and Intimate Waxing

Female Waxing and Tinting


Female Full Body Waxing and Intimate Waxing

Teen Waxing


Full Body Waxing for the Younger Generation

Ken and Barbie Waxes


Intimate waxing in a professional, clean environment with individual home care

Super Sensitive Strip Waxing


Hypo- allergenic resin free wax for sensitive legs, arms, chests, buttocks and backs

Ingrown Hair Peels


Cherry / Banana Smoothie Peels for Male and Female Intimate Areas and Full Body Peels

Free First Consultation


Book online to come and chat to us about your waxing concerns and have a patch test

Loyalty rewards


Bring a friend and get any free body part wax for yourself


What to expect on your first visit

It can be very intimidating to come for your first wax. We understand that you might have had a grueling waxing experience somewhere else or that you are a total beginner and just want to look your smoothest, sexiest self. Please arrive 5 minutes early to complete a client card. We run a tight schedule and pride ourselves on our punctuality. If you run late, please send us a quick Whats app message.  Our friendly, five star, professional Waxing Specialists will give you a client consultation card to complete on arrival.  Let us know if you use any medication that might influence your skin during waxing. Explain your expectations clearly.  You will be guided to your own personal client stand where you will find a table with wet wipes, disinfecting solution, and fresh cloths to freshen up before we start.  This wax will be the best you have ever experienced and we promise that it gets easier every time as hair lessen and thins over time. If you are having a first time Ken, Barbie, Back or Chest wax, you will receive a mini Ingrown hair kit to prevent ingrown hairs from forming.  This is included in the first consultation price. Your second wax and follow ups will cost a bit less. There are price lists in all the rooms and your Waxing Specialist can explain it all to you.  Ask as many questions as you like about home care and future treatments.  On completion of your wax you will find soothing lotion on your client table that you can apply again before getting dressed. You will receive a loyalty card that will offer you discounts or free treatments in future.  You will receive a free wax on any bodypart for every friend you refer to us, so if you line your friends up, they basically pay for your waxes:)  We accept cash, credit card, debit card and Snapscan payments.  You can make your next booking before you go or you can book yourself online into the live diary.  Please note that we do not have receptionists so you can send us a Whats app with your booking request, rather than phoning us.  We would hate to leave another client half defluffed like a Nandos chicken on death row while we answer your call with sticky gloves:)   Please send us a message the following day to let us know how your skin is doing.  There should be no sensitivity within a few hours after your wax.  You can make our day by writing us a review on Google so that other clients can read about your amazing waxing experience with us. Every client say that their wax was not nearly as bad as they expected in the first place and that they never thought that a wax can actually be a great experience! Hope to see you at our Cape Town or Johannesburg branches soon. 



Adele Mans


/ Waxing Specialist Trainer

Jill Zonke

Waxing Specialist

Mapolo Cheoane

Waxing Specialist


Fast and Furious Waxing Academy


Mission: To uplift the waxing sector by producing the best waxing therapists in the industry. 


Vision: Waxing is a practical skill, and a very specialised skill indeed. General Beauty Therapy Colleges

offer a broad spectrum of subjects and we are proud to be the first training facility in South Africa that

focuses solely on the art of specialised waxing in modular form. Therapists are able to do excellent practical

waxing on completion of any waxing course with us.


Philosophy: We are dedicated to re-train and assist therapists to become fast and efficient waxing specialists. We teach practical waxing techniques that reduce the amount of pain a client endures during a wax, as well as a solid theoretical curriculum that can be used to retain and educate clients.

Our Advanced Waxing Curriculum is unlike any other. It has been researched and developed by Adele Mans, owner of Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists. We apply a balance of theory and practice in the classrooms. The language of  instruction is English. The courses entail modular training. There are also mini 2 day courses available that focus on male or female Hollywood waxing.

It’s easy to start planning your career as a Waxing Specialist. We encourage you to meet with us, tour the academy and have a wax with us to know if Fast and Furious Waxing Academy might be right for you.

Please send a WhatsApp to Adele on 083 254 6160 for our Academy Course Information and Pricing.



"Just want to thank Liesl for her amazing professional service.

 I was very nervous and it was my first time today that I did a wax....

full body.  


I shall certainly promote the salon."

"Excellent product, every therapist I have been to at your Cape Town branches are so professional and gets the job done fast.

I love Fast and Furious Waxing."

Thank you so much guys. You are so professional and kind and friendly. You made this experience very comfortable and easy. Will see you again for sure.

Thank you again"

"Just a quick feedback on your therapists, Professional vibrant therapists who take exceptional pride in their task at hand. 


Ensures a clean smooth wax."

Won’t analyze every wax, but I appreciate the way I was handled as a client before, after and during. In general, this is my first experience with Fast and Furious Waxing, and I love how they treat their customers and the extra advice given for pre and post wax care – which I’ve never been told by another beautician before. Thanks F&FW"

"Jill has cured me of my fear of waxing. I’ve never felt so relieved and so confident.

She makes me feel at ease in a potentially awkward experience with her cheerful nature. And the pain is virtually non-existent.

This has been the best decision ever for my hair-free happiness! Thank you Fast and Furious Waxing!"

"Hi, i would just like to thank you for the amazing service and absolutely professional experience! You were so patient with me and I will most definitely not be waxing anywhere or with any one else in the future. It looks amazing and I'm very happy."


"I am very self conscious about my body and i never felt judged for a single moment. Thank you for making me feel comfortable in a potentially uncomfortable situation."

"I would like to thank Jill for her amazing, friendly and professional service! She made me feel so comfortable and I really did not have any discomfort or pain!  Thank you. I am happy to be a client. My wax treatment was par excellence."

"Thank you for looking after me and for your extreme professionalism and care."

"I was so impressed with the relationship that my therapist already  started building with me over the phone with the first call.  The fact that she waited for me in the parking lot and walked me to my waxing room made me feel very special as a client."



Cape Town Branch

Enter at Peace Street Entrance,

Corner 78 Jordaan Street

At the back of Amalgamated House, Tamboerskloof

Tel: (+27) 72 179 3842

Email: fastandfuriouswaxcpt@gmail.com

Opening Hours

Monday  8AM -6PM

Tuesday-Friday  7AM – 7PM

Saturday  8AM – 4PM

Sunday/Public Holiday   Closed


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