“Fearless man-scaping” is a top priority for us. We specialize in the removal of hair on the delicate areas of your man-bits by using a custom mixed hot wax formula which is super gentle on the skin. Waxing can be done regularly (every three to four weeks) to ensure that the hair is short, soft and thin which ultimately result in almost painless bikini waxing. The term "Brazilian Waxing" is used with reference to partial genital hair removal, often leaving a strip or block of hair; whereas the term "Hollywood (Ken) Waxing" is used specifically for complete genital hair removal.

The horrifying, graphic examples on video clips of men being waxed the wrong way, puts the waxing industry to shame. No wonder our new clients are petrified of being waxed and have bleak faces when finally enter our studios. At Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists, the focus is on professional waxing procedures for men. It’s important to have a wax done with someone you can trust, and who has years of experience.  Hygiene and cleanliness are the main reasons one should opt for hair removal on the privates, and it needn’t be traumatic. Our clients say that after they had a full body wax, their bed sheets feels like liquid silk!

Since the opening of Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists in 2010, there has been a tremendous uprising in male clients.  The studios’ male clientele is close to 70% out of the total amount of clients. Men are increasingly opting for specialty grooming services and find it embarrassing or intimidating to go to a traditional female orientated salon to ask about Brazilian or bikini waxing.

Men are required to hold and stretch the skin to ensure maximum comfort during hair removal procedure and to enable the therapist to work fast.  Delicate skin is prepared with a thin layer of powder to ensure a barrier between the wax and the skin.  No skin can be removed in the process as the wax does not cling to skin.  Several patches are applied at a time and removed with a specialized technique.  There are no irritating picking or pulling techniques.  A Brazilian or Hollywood wax can take anything from 25 minutes with a regular waxing client to 50 minutes for a first timer. There is no need to be shy as all of our therapists are highly trained and professional. It’s a bit like going to a professional medical doctor for a procedure in the consultation room.

Hair becomes finer and sparse after several waxes, although fantastic results can be seen after one treatment.  Regular clients claim to feel almost no pain when they do their waxing with us monthly.  Ingrown hair can be treated with a serum that is available at any Fast and Furious Waxing branch, which is high in salicylic acid, to ensure smooth and blemish free skin.  Good exfoliation is the key to preventing ingrown hair. We also offer fruit acid peels to ensure silky smooth and spot-free skin, in between your wax treatments.


Man Meets Buttocks Wax For The Very First Time:

As told by a regular male client from Johannesburg.

"I was on the precipice of a new relationship and knew I had to do something about my body. Being on the wrong side of forty was proving more challenging than I thought. I had met a girl and it was going well. In fact it looked like we were going to go all the way sooner rather than later. You know that window period when you both look at each other in a slightly predatory way…

When I was younger and leaner, I could barely contain myself in that inexorable lead up to the first sweat fest. These days it’s tinged with foreboding; thanks to the balding cranium, melting midriff and a few other painful home truths.

The body was actually starting to feel like a foreign country, and there was a particular region which was recently threatening instability. This was the bcc (bum-crack cleavage), the "crackadile" and it needed its "butt beard" removed.

Now I know that men are generally not entirely hairless, nor in my opinion, should they be (none of this metrosexual nonsense for me). In fact, I have a hairy chest and I’m proud of it. But a hairy nether region, well that’s another story altogether. And even though girls are divided on the hairy chest, I’m pretty sure when it comes to  hairy buttocks they’re unanimous in their decision.


So there wasn’t much I could do about my floppy body, but I could at least get some gardening done out back. So I contacted one of my metro friends and he gave me the number of a reputable place. I checked out their web site, booked an online appointment and made my way over early in the morning.

A very professional and well groomed lady met me at the door and showed me through to a spotless room which had a single massage table in the middle, and a dresser in the corner with some wet wipes, creams and talcum powder. She asked me to take my kit off, dab my crack with a wet wipe, and dust it off with some talcum powder and then lie belly down on the table.

At this point I had visions of Steve Carrell in the 40 Year Old Virgin screaming “Knights of Columbus!” as a dainty little, oriental girl tore strips of pelt off his chest.


Next thing, the aesthetician walked in and she explained to me that I would have to help her by putting my hands back and spreading my butt cheeks while lying face down! I don’t embarrass easily but exposing myself to a total stranger was a very peculiar feeling. My private school upbringing told me that this is possibly impolite. 

At this point I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to ask for a particular style like you do at the barber shop, like a short back and sides? Or maybe that trendy hipster look, shaved side and comb over the top that I see in Braamfontein a lot. My opinion of hipsters told me my bum was the appropriate place for such a look.

She then started to spread some hot wax in my crack area, which didn’t feel altogether unpleasant. And in between banter she proceeded to free some follicles from subjugation, and it hurt!

The whole thing took about 20 minutes and on a scale of pain I’d say it was similar to getting jacks at school, maybe a little less so.

Well it’s been a week now and some fine hairs are making a comeback. It’s a little uncomfortable and even prickly sometimes so I’m already looking forward to my next appointment, which apparently will be less painful. The home care serum seems to be helping and I have no spots. Hmmm, no wonder regular guys do this. I have a whole new understanding of the term 'soft as a baby’s bottom'."



At Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists, each client has their own client station to prepare for their intimate waxing privately.  Your waxing specialist will explain everything to you in detail before you get on the bed.  Our own hot wax formulation is super gentle and specifically formulated for sensitive areas.  The temperature of the wax is low, so the skin remains red for a very short time after the treatment. In fact, clients are able to have a Vajazzle done directly after a wax and sparkle like a diamond the very same night.














Waxing is probably the best way to remove unwanted hair in the bikini area, but it can get a bit daunting with all the different 'hairstyles' on offer.  Here is the low-down on old and new trends.


The Regular Swimsuit Bikini Wax:  This is where hair is removed only along the panty line. This is also referred to as a 'Swimsuit Wax', and is the most conservative way of neatening up, as it literally means the removal of pubic hairs that stick out of a normal panty or swimsuit bottom.


The G-string:  This is a variation of the regular bikini wax. The G-string bikini wax is the removal of pubic hair in a similar way to the Swimsuit bikini wax, but hair is also removed from the bum cheeks so that nothing sticks out when a G-string is worn. The top section of bikini hair is waxed into a small shape, whether it’s a rectangle or triangle.


The Brazilian:  Here, a small, vertical “landing” strip or triangle just above the clitoral area is left. Hair is totally removed from the labia right around to the bum. With a specialized technique, all of the hair is removed except for the top strip while the client lies on her back with her legs are lifted in a Pilates stretch move to make the removal of hair from the bum more comfortable.


The Hollywood (Barbie): This style removes all hair from the buttocks, and frontal areas, leaving you completely bare and smooth. Some women and their partners believe that a hairless pubic area looks and feels more erotic and also gives the freedom to wear even the most revealing swimwear and lingerie. It is also very hygienic and minimizes sweating in our warm climate.


The Vajazzle:  This is the latest fad and we offer a service to 'vajazzle' clients' pubic areas. This includes the decorating of the cleanly waxed area with diamante and transfer patterns. These designs can include a heart, or a pretty dragonfly design. They last for up to five days and don't scratch or irritate the skin.

The Cherry Peel Vajacial:  The Cherry Peel Vajacial is a revitalizing anti-ingrown hair treatment, implemented post–Brazilian wax—a process that can sometimes leave some unsightly ingrown hairs under the skin despite proper waxing techniques and good home care. The treatment can be done 2 weeks after a wax and involves cleansing, calming mask, ingrown-hair extraction and a Vitamin A peel treatment that is left on the skin for 4 hours. Lightening creams can be used at home to treat pigmentation. A vajacial relaxes the whole waxed area, and treats ingrown hair and marks. Clients can have one every month, and clients say they feel that they look better, and they're more confident in bed and on the beach.

The trend started in New York and Hollywood and is slowly introduced into the South African market to help clients with skin discoloration, ingrown hair and skin inflammation.

When waxing, always make sure that the therapist uses hot wax (the harder type of wax) and not cold wax with strips. It's not professional at all to use strip wax (cold wax) on sensitive areas such as the face, bikini area or underarms. Strip wax should only

be used on tougher skin and large areas such as legs, arms, back or chest. To prevent those dreaded ingrown hairs, use a course, exfoliating sponge and liquid cleanser in a circular motion to dislodge the tips of ingrown hairs, get rid of dead skin cells and clear follicles to allow the hair to surface unimpeded.

After having your wax, make sure to exfoliate every day to manage any ingrown hairs. To reduce redness and bumps after waxing,

apply an anti-ingrown hair serum. Always use un-perfumed lotion, as perfume can irritate the sensitive waxed area.


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