Adele Mans :

Adele is the founder and owner of Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists. She studied Somatology in Cape Town and obtained her international qualification over 23 years ago. She worked as a therapist in the top five and six star hotels in and around the Cape Peninsula for 10 years, obtaining valuable knowledge and experience from both local and international clients, staff and spa managers.  Here she worked closely with the modeling and television industries and specialized in brazilian waxes. Adele says:  “A five star work environment is such a learning curve to pay attention to detail, neatness and strict professionalism, and this is what we aim to carry forward in Fast and Furious.” 

 After 10 years in the hotel spa industry in the Cape, Adele moved to Pretoria and further specialized in resurfacing skin treatments and specialized waxing treatments and techniques. A client once noticed her super-fast, almost painless waxing technique and commented that she should open a waxing salon one day and call it “Fast and Furious Waxing”, which is what she did in 2010!  She has a very clear understanding of the need for professional, fast and male-friendly waxes and continues to look for the best ways to achieve this. Therapists employed by Adele gets first hand training from her to ensure the standards remain on the same level.  She also runs the Fast and Furious Waxing Academy to teach waxing techniques to the public and therapists. She is now based in Cape Town.


Mapolo Cheoane:

With over 12 years of waxing experience in 19 countries, you can be assured to be in the best hands in the industry. Mapolo has worked in the best five star hotels and has traveled and worked on the most elite cruise liners. She is extremely passionate about her work and takes pride in seeing results. She is friendly, attentive and gentle. Mapolo is extremely knowledgeable within the industry and you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. 

You can discuss any waxing and ingrown hair related questions with her at any given time. She pays attention to detail and is at your service at the Cape Town branch. 

Jill Zonke: 

Jill has been in the health and beauty industry since 2002.  She has worked abroad as a therapist on five star cruise liners and has travelled and worked for many years.  Waking up in a different port every day, servicing different cultures and living on ship just broadens your horizons whoever you are. 


When you book with Jill you will definitely feel most welcome with her warm approach and friendly personality. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have about your appointment. She will explain everything to you in detail. Her background in five star client service will make you feel safe if you are coming for a wax for the first time.  She specializes in Hollywood waxing and gives a whole new meaning to the word "fast" in Fast and Furious Waxing.  Jill is at your service at the Cape Town branch.